Special pannier bags to fit MT500 pannier frames...

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Special pannier bags to fit MT500 pannier frames...

Post by Club » Sun Mar 31, 2019 1:04 pm

Hi MT riders...

https://youtube.be/_UE41_En9qg or on You Tube search 'Regular Rides: Ashley Watson's Kawasaki W650 Custom'

Saw this video on you tube...the man Ashley Watson, uses MT500 pannier frames and made custom bags to fit, for use on his W650 adventure bike.
He mentions that he intends to start producing the bags.
These bags may be useful for the more 'adventurous' MT riders amongst us. I find the large pack most of us use for a pannier bag just a little too small, and consequently need to add more stuff on the back rack, or on the 'arceye' at the front, which makes the weight a bit higher up and the bike more unstable.
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