What's the North Wales event like ?

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What's the North Wales event like ?

Post by Wirralman » Mon Jul 16, 2012 10:59 pm

For newcomers to the forum and those who haven't been to the North Wales event, here are some comments -largely in full and unedited, that I got from 2011 first-timers, some of whom were a bit apprehensive about the weekend before they came.

The week-end is open to all. The format is similar to the previous years, but following a forum discussion after last year the accomodation and catering will be based on a single site, namely the Bunkhouse and its grounds. This will hopefully achieve the original ideal of having a good social week-end, whilst actually using our bikes to their and our full potential.

If you are thinking about coming, this may give you a flavour what first-timers thought.
Rider 1

....I wasn't totally sure where I was going but common sense prevailed and I found it okay....

.....Because there were a lot of people there, all new to me, maybe some kind of notice board with pictures & names of people on it. I found meeting so many new people a little overwhelming and something like that to refer to would have been great....(I'm rubbish at remembering names on a first meet)...

....Would have liked a bonfire & beers so next year maybe.....

....Would have liked someone to have been more of a camp commandant and got everyone together for a group photograph....

..I've found it tricky to find things I didn't enjoy about it....it was a great event and long may it continue.....I've made some new friends though the weekend......Also I'm a newbie to MT's so the information I have gleamed has been brilliant.....I've committed myself to riding to Mongolia on my MT in the next 2 years.....Before the weekend, I was unaware I could buy a CCM with a 604 engine and transplant it onto my bike so that's something I'll be doing....

Rider 2

I have only positive feedback about the weekend. I would have liked to have spent more time off road but hey you’ve got to travel from lane to lane and it was all good fun. As for the food debate I'd be quite happy with a ham sandwich. (Easy lanes rider)

Rider 3
I thought the North Wales weekend was amazing. The whole set up was great. The fact the food was at the pub and not on-site did split the people a bit. I was in the Easy(Welsh) group but was surprised at the difficulty of some of the stuff we went up, down or through, but it did mean I pushed the boundaries of what I thought Me or the MT could do, so it was a great sense of satisfaction and achievement. The guys were all very friendly and made me feel most welcome.

Rider 4

Thought the weekend was great, I thoroughly enjoyed all aspects much the same as every MT weekend ive attended so far. Great bunch of blokes and good to see 'old' Army bikes being used for exactly what they were intended.

Big thanks once again , I know how much effort goes into organising things like this/Stafford/forum etc etc thats why I think the club is second to none, with some outstanding hard working characters!

Rider 5

To start with I would like to say how much I enjoyed the weekend and I’m looking forward to next year!
I picked the medium lanes and found them to be very fun and a good challenge at some points! will be in the same group next year.
As for food, I enjoyed the food at the Bull but it does make it an expensive weekend for me I would be happy to go with the food at bunkhouse idea. The weekend felt like it was very well organised which makes a big difference!

Rider 6

I had a great weekend and it was nice to meet more members.
I went to South Wales last year and I think it was more of a social event as we all camped together and mostly ate and drank together
so I feel the North Wales was a bit lacking on the social front.
I think it would be a great idea if we all ate at the bunkhouse.
As for the lanes, I chose medium and they were just as I expected .
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Re: What's the North Wales event like ?

Post by DSG » Tue Jul 17, 2012 7:20 pm

Quote from the above:

.....I've committed myself to riding to Mongolia on my MT in the next 2 years.....

Who was this and has he /she completed this journey yet?


P.S. I bought the maps for such a trip several months ago, the question is will the MT and it's now lame owner be able to make it.
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