Jawa CZ

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Jawa CZ

Post by Barrie » Fri Oct 19, 2018 7:10 pm

Hey guys.
Finally getting round to getting my full bike license (mod 2 booked for monday)
My Armstrong will retire it's farm life of bumbling around whilst I catch moles and go onto the road! Finally!

There for I will be selling my current run around, it's a 1991 Jaws CZ model 488.3
There's only a handful of this model on the road in the UK. It's had loads of work since I got it. Got rid of the contact breakers and put in a new electronic ignition and made it 12v. Converted it to run batteryless, new jikov carb, new cables all round, new wiring loom, loads of spares including original rear rack (hens teeth)
Hits 60mph and that's it, but it's a nice solid simple and fun little machine.

Bit of a niche bike but wanted to offer it here before I pass and eBay it.
Tank badges and sticker set applied since photos were taking.
I'm wanting ÂŁ700, but a decent home is priceless.
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Re: Jawa CZ

Post by macky42 » Fri Oct 19, 2018 7:43 pm

Nice to see that, I had the very similar model 471 250 twin. It was the first bike I bought new, ÂŁ263 I think. :)
Slow but reliable, and fun to ride as the handling was surprisingly good. Light years away from the contemporary Soviet stuff.
It was brown and cream, just like the old GWR coach livery.

In a roundabout way it's the reason I have an MT now - when I was looking for a tinkering bike, I started looking at old bikes I had owned, and looking this up also brought up the Jawa 500 with a Rotax engine, and I then looked at other Rotax engined bikes... :D
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