37 HG 47 - anyone got this Can Am ?

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Re: 37 HG 47 - anyone got this Can Am ?

Post by DonR » Fri Jul 26, 2019 8:14 pm

Sadly not - or at least not that I can find at the moment. And yours is only 3 away from mine in the picture !! Pretty good odds it could have been there.

The only other reg I can make out is 36 HG 68 (I think - it's a bit fuzzy) plus two already mentioned 37 HG 31 and 37 HG 00.

I'll try and get them scanned in over the weekend. And have a root about in some boxes for the negatives to see what else there is. EDIT - I found the box sooner than I thought and there are no more pics showing registrations so that's it unfortunately.

I've got a few of Landies but no-one collects those do they ? :D
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