Salisbury Plains - May bank holiday weekend

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Salisbury Plains - May bank holiday weekend

Post by Bunker » Wed Apr 18, 2018 9:51 am

Copied from their Facebook group, if you are interested and don't use FB, let me know:

10th Anniversary Plain Invasion weekend.
May bank holiday 2018.
All welcome.
Base camp, Weyhill Fair Andover SP11 OPP
All Military vehicles welcome, any age, pre or post war. Tracked vehicle owners wanting to attend please contact me with type before event.
Food for the whole weekend is catered for on site through our own field kitchen, self catering if you wish. Tea and coffee all day every day.
Military tentage of any size welcome also caravan welcome, please let me know about Caravans before the event so I can make room if need be.
Weekend is all about blowing away those winter cobwebs ready for the 2018 shows. Convoys out on Salisbury Plain Saturday and Sunday. Tea and Dinner stops planned while out on the Sunday.
If you have never driven on Salisbury Plain then you are in for a treat. The whole area is outstanding. If you are unsure about driving off road then we can use the Saturday as a trial run.
Our valley run can be a bit daunting for new comers, you will not be required to do it if you are unsure about it. Our team will only take you to places we know that all can do. All areas are Recce before the event and if we feel unfit for anyone we will inform you on the weekend.
The whole weekend is for your enjoyment but rules while on the SPTA will apply. Some areas might be OOB so we will not be entering any red areas or areas that may contain training troops. All Military signage will be respected by all and the 30mph rule will apply at all times while out on the ranges. Sadly we will only know about training troops or OOB areas on the weekend and not before. Again, the Saturday can be used as a small Recce if you wish. These rules are for our safety and the safety for other SPTA users.
The whole run is pre-planned and driven before the weekend but can change on the day. Planned tea stops and a dinner stop will also be put in place for the Sunday with food, Tea and Coffee at hand.
Regular stops along the way will be in place for people to stretch their legs, make a call of nature, get some snaps or just to regroup. These will be short stops 15-30 mins max.
Just to recap on a few rules we have put together over the years.
During the convoy drive are requested not to break or leave the convoy unless autherised to do so. We know some of the puddles are very tempting but we don't Recce such things off track so depth and what lies beneath is unkown.
We ask everyone not to touch or pick up anything you might find while out on the ranges.
Please do not put spent or live ammunition in your vehicles and bring it back to the camp site. I think this one speaks for itself.
If we should come across any training troops please show respect and stay a safe distance unless autherised. Over the years we have come across training troops and our policy is to STOP and a team member will get clearence to continue. If we get a chance to stop and look around their kit, please don't climb on anything unless autherised to do so. Also don't take any pictures if requested not to do so.
Please do not enter any areas you are unsure about while we are on a tea stop or diner. This means, NO buildings, fenced areas or compounds.
A debrief on all these matters and sadly more will be given on the day.
I think thats about it for now, any questions about anything you are unsure about please PM me or post on the site.
Until May, stay safe everyone and hope to see you all very soon.
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Re: Salisbury Plains - May bank holiday weekend

Post by giff » Tue Aug 27, 2019 6:04 pm

anything like this for 2020?
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