CCTV outfit suggestions

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CCTV outfit suggestions

Post by woodruff » Mon Feb 25, 2013 6:11 pm

Me and a neighbour are going to fit a cctv system to cover our property front and rear, Does anyone have any good suggetsions?

Idealy a stand alone outfit that can be left to record/re record on its own without a PC, flash memory maybe?

Lots out there and dont really know where to start!

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Re: CCTV outfit suggestions

Post by Murdock » Mon Feb 25, 2013 6:34 pm

I can't help you on what to get. All I can say is get a good un :!: I say this because my mate's van got broke into last week out side a shop with CCTV :shock: The offenders were caught on camera, but the image was so crap you couldn't identify any one or make out the reg number of their get away vehicle :? About as much use has..... :?:
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Re: CCTV outfit suggestions

Post by Fergie » Mon Feb 25, 2013 8:00 pm

We have a Swan CCTV system, bought from Macro.

It's stand alone, with a hard disc recorder built in. It can record four cameras at once & has motion detection, although that can be triggered by anything from falling rain onwards, so is not very useful.

It came with four small cameras, which are OK at fairly close range, but uses standard BNC fittings so you can fit a better camera later (but I haven't yet). It also has an IP address and ethernet connection, so you can access it remotely if you wish. Again, I haven't done this yet, but might in future. Either a TV or a VGA monitor can be used for viewing - I use an old PC monitor, normally switched off, but I can switch it on to review the recordings if I wish.

Good value for money, in my opinion.

I did consider a PC based system, but they're clumsier & would need to be left switched on all the time. Also, if a thief takes your PC then you've lost the recording!

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Re: CCTV outfit suggestions

Post by woodruff » Mon Feb 25, 2013 8:14 pm

Yes stand alone seems a better route,
As me and my neighbour are joined we are going to record each others feeds, this way If my house is broken into the cctv gear can be stolen/spoilt but the footage will be safe next door and VV.
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Re: CCTV outfit suggestions

Post by GordonEndersby » Mon Feb 25, 2013 8:20 pm

Im implementing a pc based system under linux called Zoneminder.
Im going to use ip cameras on my network so no mucking around with wires.
Outside cameras are going to be HD covering the front of the house and drive.
But i may have the most important camera over the vehicles hard wired for best quality.

You can easily add cameras with zoneminder either wired or wireless.
You can start of with a small pc and a couple of cameras and work up from there.
From cheap ip cameras to high quality HD cameras.

Zoneminder doesnt daunt me as Im used linux and getting stuff working under linux but some may find it a bit daunting.
Its used in industry and on some very large installations.
You can access it over the internet as well when you are away from home.
Or hook it up to a mobile telephone and have sms alerts.
The alarm and detection zone stuff is really good as you cam mask of areas you dont want
to cover like trees moving in the wind.

Also it can be backed up remotely offsite. Cloud storage or maybe another storage device hidden in the house.

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Re: CCTV outfit suggestions

Post by freddy54 » Mon Feb 25, 2013 8:20 pm

agreed with a system from makro , or maplins

however I set about this a different way Aldi were doing waterproof cameras at £19.99 , I bought 2 , I also ordered (not what you want to here) a PCI capture card from fleebay (£19.99) , this runs the 2 cameras , I also installed a dedicated 30g SSD drive to record to , I get about 6-7 days/nights recording of both channels , and then the first one is removed and written over,

because of my location (lower floor flat , running cables was a problem (across kitchen/hallway) , so I bought a "vidio extender" from fleebay , this sits under the kitchen sink , and no cable runs

the settup cost me less than £100 , I can stick 30 min footage (it splits at 30 mins) on to a cd to hand to the police

this is a still taken

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Re: CCTV outfit suggestions

Post by bth2bth2 » Mon Feb 25, 2013 8:49 pm

dont buy cheap. and hard wire in.we have had two wireless systems that recrd onto an sd card. the small recorder boxes gave up the ghost after a couple of months. pictures were ok if you can get a good signal. i would go for hard drive recorder based system with good wired in cameras.

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Re: CCTV outfit suggestions

Post by Pwatty42 » Mon Feb 25, 2013 8:57 pm

Hi try this site out" onclick=";return false; they have a host of kit on offer seems to be well priced
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Re: CCTV outfit suggestions

Post by donk » Mon Feb 25, 2013 10:47 pm

a cctv system is great deterent if the cameras are overt. if the worst happens and someone does make an attempt you have to hope that they can be identified from your images
in my experience identification of offenders are lost due the camera not picking enough light up,
poor camera angle, zoomed too far out or the camera is taken out on attack.

you may need to look into a covert camera trained on entry point. a nice full face image.
if getting a overwriting memory system you could do with one which has a long cycle. I know both you and your neighbour are trying to have access but if an offence doesn't become evident until a day our two has passed and there is any problem down loading you may loose the footage. it takes a good couple of days for the police tech unit to come out.

I concentrate on prevention. the more obstacles the less likely they are all the be crossed / tested.
a standard euro lock takes about 15 seconds to breach.
I would spend the money making it harder to get in unless youve already done all that.
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Re: CCTV outfit suggestions

Post by woodruff » Tue Feb 26, 2013 6:36 am

Thanks for all the input so far, I fully apreciate the make it harder to steal route and that is covered, I have secure storage for most bikes (steel lockup on drive) and secure storage elsewhere but there is always a bike on the drive and I have valuable equipment on the property. Last year I had parts stolen from a bike on the drive (it seemed the lock did prevent oputright theft) but they must have been there for several mins.

I fortunatly live in a very low crime area, however this makes it easier for crime to go undetected! When my parts were stolen a neigbour over the road saw the bloke fiddiling with the bike but thought nothing of it :?

I have clear access points and can be pretty sure anyone attempting breaking or theft can be recorded sufficiently before any harware was taken out.

This is as deterent and maybe just some cctv stickers and a dummy would do, but I would prefer a backup of evidence aswell.

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