BEWARE postal trauma

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Re: BEWARE postal trauma

Post by mt bandit » Mon Dec 19, 2016 11:38 pm

hi all , an update on my postal trauma ,, i think it's important to report good things as well as bad things , so here's a good thing , have honored my claim and offered me nearly 3/4 of the insured amount and allowed the recipient to keep the exhaust , which is what he wanted ,,

i must say , they handled the claim with speed and complete professionalism , once all the correct documents where in place , it took them just a week ,,

Now strangely had i walked to the post office and sent it directly with parcleforce i would of got nothing at all , but due to the fact that i used parcleforce through an internet provider ie, i was covered ,,,,
so then , in summing up,
don't send automotive parts via parcelforce unless via a third party, as technically you could send a rather rare Aston martin windscreen , the recipient could have a bag of shards delivered , and woopsy you're not covered , as they didn't loose it ,
Check all the smallprint, on what's covered and what's not , no matter how boring ,,,
lastly take pictures of everything , and cover your a***
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Re: BEWARE postal trauma

Post by AWJD » Thu Dec 22, 2016 9:49 am

Not so long ago I posted a pair a BSA motorcycle crankcases via the Post Office and Parcelforce and one crankcase arrived broken in half! I reckoned that someone must have jumped on the package to have caused that much damage. It was fully insured but Parcelforce refused the claim on the grounds that they were auto parts which they claimed were excluded.

If my memory serves me correctly, their exclusions specifically only covered car parts at the time and not motorcycle parts and I argued that it was unreasonable to expect the parts to have been damaged in the way they were. I took them to the Small Claims Court. Initially, they said they were going to defend the claim but, at the last minute, I got a letter from their solicitors saying they would meet the claim in full as a gesture of goodwill. In the end their solicitors failed to send the cheque before the specified deadline - I ended up with the money and Parcelforce ended up with a County Court Judgement against them!
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