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Tig or Mig

Posted: Fri Nov 25, 2016 6:01 pm
by mt bandit
hi all , i've been getting my hands dirty for a while now , and i'm thinking of doing my own welding , i've used mig before and can weld with a reasonable degree of success, i've also as a young lad had brazing experience , i would like to weld stainless steel pipes and general frame type welding , i only want to spend around £250 , i really nead advice on which all round welder to buy , i like the idea of tig , but not sure if it's any good for general frame type welding , help me !! :?

Re: Tig or Mig

Posted: Fri Nov 25, 2016 6:35 pm
by Mr Shiney
My two cents as a non professional welder.......

You will struggle to get a decent TIG set for £250. You might get a MIG especially a used one in budget. I use Thermal Arc machines for mine. A TA202 AC/DC TIG and a Fabricator 211i MIG. They can both do stick as well which is handy for sticking thick stuff.

Stick is demolition, MIG is construction and TIG is art and takes a long time to mastre in my experience!

I might have a little 130amp MIG for sale. Its the one I used for stainless and it runs gas/no gas (although I am not a fan of gasless for workshop jobs!) which is enough for general frame welding.

My home workshop use tends to be MIG for steel and TIG for aluminium and Stainless jobs where I want really "pretty" welds.

If you get one then have a look at BOC Volkzone deal for cylinder rental or one of the no rental schemes kicking around. I get my Argon and Argoshield from BOC on the Volkzone and its way cheaper than standard commercial gas rates. O2 is on the deal but not acetylene yet although I think its coming so worth thinking about if you want to braze. I have some spare regs for Oxy/Acet if you need any.

If you have nto welded much or in awhile its worth getting your self on a night course. I started off on an NVQ course for 8 weeks and then got hooked spent the next 4 years working towards get the ASME coding. It was really interesting and you would be surprised how much is actually involved especially when you get into distortion control. I am sure there will professionals along in a bit to give better advice, this is just my home workshop experience.

Re: Tig or Mig

Posted: Fri Nov 25, 2016 6:42 pm
by mt bandit
thats good advice , maybe a course would be the right way to go , i served my apprenticeship under the railway arches of mill wall in deptford se London , but tig is new to me so a refresher course sounds ideal