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Re: Just bought a tatty old very early S2a....

Posted: Wed Dec 28, 2016 1:58 pm
by TDIPower
Bring a spanner? More like grinding and cutting disks, impact guns and imperial socket sets!

Having done a few big jobs, rebuilds etc, if it won't spanner off on 1st go I just cut it off. Far easier to rebuild with new bolts anyway.

Will you be sticking with imperial or shifting over to metric?

Some things I would do, Servo brake master cylinder, Later (mid 90's) clutch pedal with the spring assist (made my 110 lighter than the Subaru!!) and Parabolic springs. The rest I would stick with, BUT if I was doing an engine swap I would look to either a 200/300TDi lump and possibly drop the turbo (you won't kill the transmission that way) That's if you are going to use it for things, otherwise the old 2.25 are great but very old now.