The Great Northern Run 3rd -7th July 2013

The Great Northern Run  3rd -7th July 2013   For the third year in a row Dave DSG organised one of his magical mystery tours, first it was the Pennine Way, then it was Offa’s Dyke, this year a tour starting in Derbyshire and heading to Cumbria. But Dave doesn’t do ordinary tours as you’ll [...]


Stafford 2013

After all of the build up, Friday 26th April eventually arrived  and  it was time for The Big Meet. What would the pitch be like? Would it rain? Would everyone turn up?  This was the seventh Big Meet, the first two at Uttoxeter moving to Stafford for the 2009 meet. In the preceding days Simon [...]


North Wales 2012 31st Aug-2nd Sept

Four years ago Dave Heverdot invited the club to camp in his garden and spend some time exploring the lanes of North Wales. Assisted by Andy Chippy1 20 of us attended this event specifically designed to be an affordable week-end that would allow us to ride together and socialise together. Most of us turned up [...]


Stafford 2012

Stafford 2012- The Big Meet 27-29 April After much discussion and expectation, Friday 27th April dawned. Riders from all points of the compass arrived on site, Bernhard having set off on Wednesday to travel from Germany to join us again at The Big Meet. Would 60 people show up, would there be breakdowns, would there [...]


Coast to Coast 15th – 16th March 2012

To most people the term Coast to Coast implies a West-East or East-West journey, but not to our intrepid leader Dave Gilligan, aka DSG. No to him it meant a North-South run following the path of Offa’s Dyke. Now if you look for guide books, they all seem to run South-North and surveys show that [...]


North Wales 2011 Sept 2-4

North Wales 2011 Despite knowing the date for the North Wales week-end for some considerable time, somehow it crept up on me this year. I had plans to be very organised, bike prepped and to arrive 30 minutes early at the Deeside meeting point I where had planned to hook up with Brian, Rus, Gronk, [...]


Pennine Way Run 13-17 May 2011, or Three men on a BOAT

It’s a little difficult to say how many actually went on this trip, first there was 1 then 2,3,4,5, then 4, briefly 6, then 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 for the last 150 miles or so. But taking into consideration the miles run, amount of wind and number of beers drunk, it approximates to [...]


Stafford 2011 22-24th April

2011 saw the clubs fourth Big Meet, the first two being held at Uttoxeter before switching to the Carole Nash Classic Motorcycle show in Stafford. Every year there has been a steady increase in the number of bikes.  45+ members came from everywhere, including Germany, Nottinghamshire, Suffolk, Brighton, Southampton, Newbury, Dorset, Llanelli, mid Wales, Conwy, [...]


North Wales week-end 2-5th Sept 2010

Written by Wirralman The week-end started for some on Thursday, ready for a ride out on Friday, just to get acquainted with the territory. Apart from one early drop-out, a small numerical problem, a puncture and a new tyre throwing a doll out of the pram all went well and everyone made it back to [...]


The MT Normandy Invasion 28th May-1st June 2010

Written by Wirralman Friday The morning started for me, leaving home at 8 40 and heading off to meet up with Unk at 9 30 on the outskirts of Chester.  Everything was running sweetly for the first 15 miles then my engine started to cut out at junctions, never having done that before!  Unk arrived, [...]

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